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Did You Know?

Florida Tile has expanded the PietraArt Bliss line.  It is a blend of high quality natural stone combined with glass colors. A wonderful new mix of glass and slate in six color blends ranging from deep blacks and earthy browns to stunningly stark whites. It promotes the ability to coordinate with stone and porcelain lines.
COLOR, and what looks great on a design board or on your computer monitor could be a disaster since each computer monitor has its own color density.

The color may be totally different when compared to actual product.  Likewise flooring products can  have shade variations in the same carton or runs.

 Hardwoods, especially, may have variations since they start out as a living plant absorbing minerals and nutriments from the soil. Once cut they are subject to weather and changes in drying procedures.

If they are to be stained and sealed it is extremely possible that one board will be slightly different from the next even though they may be from the same tree.
IS IT POSSIBLE?  Is it possible to glue down solid wood flooring directly over concrete slab ?  It is IF moisture cure urethane adhesives are used with the caveat that typically solid flooring used for glue down installations is quartersawn  to produce the most stable solid board possible.

More often than not , however, engineered wood is used over concrete slab since it is so strong and less prone to movement.

Note that all wood flooring is a natural product and  will move with changing moisture and humidity levels.  Solid wood will move more than engineered because solids are not stabilized by engineered alternating directional layers.  It is imperative that room for expansion is factored in to the installation for all wood floors.

Solids should not be installed below grade  such as basements since they would be subjected to moisture and relative humidity issues as well as drainage matters both above and below subfloor.
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